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Swiftly: Denmark’s Pioneer in Autonomous Checkout Technology


Swiftly uses a combination of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and IoT devices for the automation of retail operational processes.


Swiftly technology is autonomous meaning, customers need not scan products, as compared to the other self-checkout counters. The customer gets two options pay with APP or pay with a card/ mobile pay. 

Lowest Installation Cost

All the hardware needed is readily available in the market and can be replaced in case of damage without any delays or knowledge of the technical field.

Ease of Installation

Swiftly dispatch all the hardware by courier and can be installed with the help of an installation manual.  Swiftly technology can be installed in existing stores without any modification. A floor space of 0.5 to 2 sq.m is enough to install the system. 

No Servers Needed

Swiftly technology uses a microcomputer size of hand palm and it’s enough to handle the autonomous checkout counter. 

Customer Privacy

Swiftly, technology does not track customers in the store like some other technologies do track customer behaviour, etc.

Payment Options

Swiftly use your existing payment agreement and card terminal in order to accept payments. Customers can pay with Swiftly APP wallet, mobile pay or by  VISA or Dankort.

Faster Product Display 

All products are added with the use of the swiftly Manager app. Swiftly will add the product to the list, and it will appear in the system the next day.