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Founded on the belief that technology could redefine the landscape of business operations, our story began four years ago. Inspired by the need for efficiency in my own restaurant chain, we harnessed the power of automation to not only save time but also cut costs significantly. What started as a solution for our own business evolved into a mission to empower others—driving us to pioneer smart, automated solutions that transform the way businesses operate, one success story at a time.


Meet the visionary behind our journey, Dr. Prasad Chougule. As a successful restaurateur with multiple establishments in Denmark, he pioneered the concept of small business automation. His firsthand experience in the industry fueled the inception of our cutting-edge solutions, aiming to revolutionize not only his restaurants but businesses across Denmark.


Our diverse team of passionate individuals, both remote and local in Denmark, forms the backbone of Aicom. Committed to driving innovation, our employees bring a wealth of expertise in AI, technology, and business. Collaborating seamlessly, we strive to bring unparalleled automation solutions to businesses, ensuring efficiency and excellence.


Our valued customers, currently based in Denmark, are at the heart of our success. As our community continues to grow daily, we take pride in delivering tailor-made automation solutions that empower businesses. Join the expanding network of satisfied customers as we embark on a journey to transform and elevate your business operations.

Leading Tomorrow’s Tech Today

At Aicom, we transcend the conventional by not just providing solutions but pioneering innovation. Our unwavering focus on Research and Development (R&D) fuels our commitment to pushing technological boundaries, ensuring that your business not only stays ahead but leads in the ever-evolving landscape of automation and AI integration.