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Software Products

Swiftly APP  

iOS and Android APP for shoppers in your store.

Swiftly Web APP

It comes with standard iOS tablet to use for card payment methods

Swiftly age verification

Its AI based feature of APP to verify age of the customer who wants to buy alcohol, tobacco etc

Hardware Products &  IoT devices

Swiftly Autonomous checkout

A checkout counter with IP camera, and a display monitor for customers who wish to pay by card instead of Swiftly APP.

Swiftly cigarette vending machine

Cigarette vending machines can hold 10 X 32 varieties of cigarette packets in space (W 500 X H 800 X D 500). It can be wall-mounted.

Swiftly Mini-Store (Autonomous refrigerator)

Swiftly Mini-Store concept can be retrofitted to existing refrigerators. Its ideal for offices, universities, schools for convenience food options.