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Swiftly Platform

Swiftly is Denmark’s first autonomous checkout technology for retailers. We have planned to open Denmark’s first autonomous convenience store and quick-service restaurant concept in Aarhus in March 2024.  Swiftly offers the technology platform to automate the sales process in the store and take the advantage of the reduction in the operating cost up to 70%. 

With an AI camera system at the autonomous checkout counter customer can pay the bill via Swiftly APP or by Card. It’s faster to deploy the technology in the stores without any modifications. 

Happy Customer

Customers do not need to scan products at the self-service counter, they just need to drop the products on the counter and Swiftly Technology will send the list of products to Swiftly Customer to pay via mobile or customer can choose to pay at the counter with a credit card as well. 

Higher Accuracy: Swiftly autonomous checkout counter uses an AI camera combining the powers of IoT devices, visual cognition, and machine learning technologies. Multiple cameras in the store monitor behavior of customers inside the store and raise the alarm to the control room to take appropriate action. 

Speed to Deploy: Swiftly technology can be deployed much faster. The retailer can himself deploy the technology with our supplied hardware with help of an installation manual. Swiftly technology provides software tools to prepare the product list and it’s so simple as taking videos of the product and writing bar code in the system. 

Inventory Upgrades: Swiftly technology allows easy addition of the new products to sell without our help. You can change products as often as you want, and add each new product to the Swiftly system on-site at the store.

Optimised Solution: Swiftly technology needs only one AI camera system., smart door lock system, autonomous checkout counter.  The system is maintained and managed remotely with 24/7 technical support. 

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